More Obama

Since I mentioned yesterday that I had not voted for Obama, and the reasons why, I’d like to take a moment to go a bit deeper and to expand upon that.

I’m a Republican, for starters; I’m also a Christian. Now, while the conservatives don’t have a corner on the market here, I simply cannot support a party which, in general, is too liberal and, by extension, seems to believe that truth is relative.

I said yesterday that Obama has little experience; a newscast last night mentioned that, just four years ago, Obama had entered the US Senate. That’s a pretty big climb in such a short time. I also read that, while Obama has some great ideas, he lacks knowledge of the ins and outs of D.C. – and its inhabitants.

This can be borne out in the interesting turn of events regarding some of his recent choices for certain positions, and their accompanying indiscretions; not to mention the slight taint from his home state of Illinois.

I do think that Obama has some wonderful ideas; I think that he’s rather naive and will face difficulties and opposition to completing those ideas and actually bringing them to fruition.

I believe that Obama rallied the country when that was sorely needed. However, I also believe that many people joined “the cause” simply due to race. Race is relevant – it’s a huge thing for a black man to run for President of the US, let alone to win the election. I also believe that many people are expecting miracles, right away. That won’t happen. Impossible.

I’m also afraid that when Obama fails to deliver what many consider his “promises”, things will rapidly deteriorate.

There’s a long road ahead, and it will certainly be an interesting journey.


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