Slushie Machine Tampering

Yes, I’m running behind this weekend – apparently sleep was more important to this old body. I probably wore myself out with all my previous ranting. Well, that and quite a lot of old-fashioned teenage drama.

Late Saturday afternoon, my sixteen-year-old and a friend walked to a local gas station and bought a slushie. They thought it tasted a bit “funny”, but in the tasting drank about 3/4s of it; they took it in to be tested when they began feeling “odd”, and sure enough – that slushie had been spiked with alcohol.

Thankfully it had nothing else – cocaine, morphine, marijuana, etc. all tested negative. The friend, a diabetic, was quite ill; my son was just rather tipsy.

Today he was fine – and went to get a different flavor. That too, was spiked. Now, explain please, WHY the convenience store was NOT shut down after the first incident?? WHY did the school not ban the kids from walking there? WHY have the police done nothing??

It’s a mystery, and one which needs to be investigated. Furthermore, the “news” outlets in that area appear to take off on the weekends – there has been absolutely nothing reported. Nothing.

Are kids not safe anywhere? Not even in a one-horse town? Where is law enforcement? Slugging down slushies? Seriously folks, think twice about purchasing drinks that are exposed to the public like this.


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