Paperwork and School

Today I had to fill out paperwork for my son to return to public school. This is a potential reason why the rainforests are dwindling and global warming, er, “climate change” (the new buzzword) are occurring.

Just one year ago, almost to the day, my son was attending this same high school. They had all the information, none of which has changed except his grade level. Is it that difficult to change a “9” to a “10”?

Apparently so. I filled out, again, all his bio information, name, address, SSN, phone numbers, parents’ names, birthdate, etc., etc. This included a section for emergency contact and health information. Same, same, ditto, ditto.

After those six pages or so, there was an “emergency contact” form, the information on which I had already written on the enrollment form in the proper section. Then another “health information” form, again, already done on the first batch of papers.

Is it seriously that hard to make a copy for the main office and the school nurse? Can they not look it up on a computer after it’s been entered? At least they finally have the forms online for parents to print and sign before wasting a trip to the school to pick them up.

When we finally got there, they asked for “proof” of residency. A drivers’ license is not good enough for that, they must have a signed lease or credit card bill – unpaid, no problem with that one – and a whole laundry list of other “acceptable” documents. Even though I told them nothing has changed. Thankfully, they realize they already had copies and so stopped hassling me.

This is Friday morning. Apparently they cannot make a phone call to get records faxed and received today, they cannot do whatever the heck it is they have to do (probably file papers in the cabinet) by Monday, so my son may not be back in school until “sometime” next week. Fine. Whatever.

It amazes me that, in this day and age of computers, faxes, phones attached at the hip, etc., that no one’s priority seems to be getting kids into school and keeping them there. I should say, that, when we arrived, we sat for about ten minutes or so in the main office area – it was full of loud kids, doing Lord knows what besides hollering at and “dissing” each other; why weren’t they in class? That brings me to Part II.

The school has a period called “Academic Lab”, or AcLab. This is a “free” period everyday, or every two days, during which kids are supposed to be studying; they can also “travel” or go to see other teachers for help with homework and assignments.

Personally, this is where my son, and others, find a lot of trouble. They visit, they talk on contraband cell phones, they use the computer lab to do who knows what. They sometimes even leave campus.

Oh, and those papers that parents sign regarding Internet usage? Just another way to add to the paperwork – turns out they can’t/won’t enforce usage or non-usage. Guess it’s too much trouble.

So, after all the time and effort, my son may be in school next week, at some point. Or he may not. We still have the $10,000 bill to pay from the most recent school.

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