I love this word. I have no idea who made it up, but I hear it on occasion and I think it should be real – according to MS Word, it is not. It‘s a powerful word, one which sums up some situations almost perfectly.

Take today for example:

Woke up before six, as in wide awake, and heard my husband ask if I was “coming to bed”. Got up, made coffee, fired up the computer – which had restarted at some point, thanks to automatic updates, and took forever to load anything! Two strikes, between the waking up early and computer booting.

Realized I had to prep for a phone hearing tomorrow morning, and THEN realized I was supposed to pick up a friend at the airport this afternoon. I still had Bingo cards to make for a class party at 2:00, plus all the other “stuff” I do on a daily basis. And I was still waiting for three people to return phone calls from yesterday. Strike three, losing my mind already on a half cup of coffee.

And things went downhill from there. See, craptastic!

Checked with the airlines, two possible flights and times today – one fairly convenient, one not at all.

Called friend – she’s arriving on the “one not at all”, the same time I’m supposed to be doing a party for 17 fifth graders.

Made arrangements for most of the party to be covered.

Called to find where a fax had been misdirected, and discovered that they actually were trying to send it, but my machine was on the fritz. Fixed said machine, after Googling the directions and waiting for slow computer to load. Again.

Spoke to an individual about an ongoing investigation. He had nothing new to add, and took a good fifteen minutes to communicate that.


Received an email from my attorney telling me there might be something new…next week. Or maybe not. He’ll be in touch.

Discovered my mother is rewriting history…again. And lying, again. And butting in, again. And spreading her tales all over the place, again.

So, at 9:30 I finally got in the shower, got dressed, and was ready to face the day. Only problem was that the day had already started.



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