Overwhelmed and Agitated

Do you ever feel like the more things you check off on your “to do” list, the more you seem to be adding? Do you ever get sidetracked by something unexpected and have to really focus to regain your momentum? Do you ever think that if, just once, someone would actually answer a phone call or email – you could quite possibly wrap up a number of things?

If so, this blog’s for you!

Yesterday, I was on a roll – I cooked, I cleaned, I did laundry; I wrote, I edited, I rated, and I blogged (twice). Today, hmm, not so much!

I started with the usual, coffee, email check, newspaper reading. I moved on to board posts, reading and responding, showered, got the big one up and took the little one to school.

I moved on to checking a couple websites, leaving messages/sending emails, updating, and editing. I sent the big one off to a job interview and his first day of work, and called my husband to make sure he ate breakfast. He had not, of course, and couldn’t find the package; it was in his coat pocket.

At any rate, about that time the dogs wanted out, then in, then out; they also needed water. The cats were meowing for dinner, and it was only 10:00 a.m. I held firm for about half an hour. The Schwans guy came, and then it started raining. I realized I was late for an online Helium chat, but had to throw the little one’s basketball uniform into the washer.

My biggest mistake, apparently, was bypassing another cup of coffee for some actual food – now I’m sleepy and the rain and cold isn’t helping a bit.

I still have half my list to finish, and the big one is due back from work in an hour or so. I guess he made it there, he forgot to call.

You know, though – what would really get me motivated again is having all those loose ends tied up. Like if, for example, my lawyer actually called me and gave me some good news – after almost four years, the only truly good news he could have would be to say the settlement agreement is signed. Ha. Fat chance. Or, the mail could come and I could A) receive a nice big check; B) pick up a letter from the state regarding the big one’s GED application; or C) anything but a bill.

I know, wishful thinking. Almost as fantastical as thinking that, when I call someone for information, a real, live person will answer the phone prior to my having to push eight different buttons for menu options that don’t even come close to addressing the issue.

I especially like the ones where you get an “I’m away from my desk” message; you know, deep down, that the person is NOT away from his desk, he just doesn’t want to answer the phone. I think there are a lot of people who must be unable to answer a phone – do they not know how to pick up a receiver? Or do they not know to say “hello”? What’s the deal here anyway?

So, my message to those of you who have a telephone and are supposed to be answering both it and questions directed towards you upon answering:

Pick up the flippin’ phone.
Process my question and give me an answer; really, it just takes one minute. If you can’t answer, direct me to someone who can – NOT to their voicemail.
Look – your job, for the moment is finished! You have accomplished something.

For emailers:
Read the email.
Answer the email. Or forward to someone who can, along with these instructions.
Delete or file the email.
You, too, have actually accomplished something today!

C’mon, people – it’s not rocket science, it’s called “doing your job”.

Now, where did I put that file marked “motivation”?

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