After the relative success of my recent “Craptastic” post, I’ve been chomping at the bit to use this new description, “craptacular”. Oddly enough, so far today’s adventures fit the bill to a “t”.

Yesterday I hurt my back, and it’s not much better today. Advil, ice, mild stretches, rest – nothing is working completely. So, strike one – severe back pain. But only if I move.

A little anxiety over the weekend which has spilled into today as well – many of you know that I struggle with this but things had improved a bit. Nope, not anymore; at least, I had a few problems this morning. Strike two.

Oh, and the scale is off again. Well, it registered a teensy bit higher than it had just two days ago. Normally I weigh myself on Mondays because, well, Mondays usually stink anyway, right? So if the number is higher, no big deal, doesn’t ruin my day, and if it’s lower – hallelujah! Today it was not lower. Strike three, and move on.

My truck seems to think it’s due for a checkup…or something. Never mind that it spent a week in the shop last month, to the tune of $1000. I thought maybe it just didn’t like the cold, but alas; maybe it just doesn’t like mornings, as in “before noon”.

Driving, by the way, is pure hell with a bad back.

Woke up my son this morning at 8:00 a.m. Before he left for work, he did manage to pick up most of the crap on his floor, i.e., dirty clothes. Not all, but most. He did not manage to make his bed or pick up anything else. It’s been like this for days. I’m still mulling over whether to say something and have him pitch a fit and take off – or yell, curse, and get violent – or just let it go and stew and simmer about it all.

I have cramps. Sort of. But had to run to the store, naturally, which meant more pain during the driving and having a bad case of the dropsies as well – which meant constant bending over to pick up my errant tampons. Yay. Anything else? Oh, yeah, while waiting in line I tried to decide how many packs of cigs to pick up – and then totally forgot. Had to wait in another line and buy a whole carton. I was wishing there was a line for some good drugs.

I’m having a lot of typing issues today as well – I’m almost afraid to do any writing, ‘cause it sure looks like I’ll spend most of my time correcting errors and backspacing. Maybe it’s just a lot on my mind. Maybe it’s the ice pack digging into my body. Maybe I should just go back to bed.

Nope, can’t. Have to make more cupcakes for my poor husband. He was SO looking forward to those yesterday, and I kind of left out a key ingredient. They weren’t exactly awful, but….

Oh yeah, and the last load of laundry is still downstairs. And I’m behind deadline. And I have a child to pick up at 3:30. And dinner to cook. And I think there’s something else I’m forgetting….

Sigh. Like I said: craptacular.

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