Dogs and Bites

So yesterday, my son walked the dogs – we have two, an aging yellow Lab and a youngish Sheltie mix. As he was coming back into our yard, our neighbor across the street let her two Shitzus outside.

Our Sheltie went nuts, lunging and trying to go play; at least, I thought it was play, his tail was wagging. I helped my son get them inside and told him to get them a drink out back; when he did, the Sheltie went over the fence and across the street.

Here’s where it gets sticky. The neighbor said my dog ran over there and she could “tell” he was attacking and not playing; my dog did bite one of hers, but I’m pretty sure he was simply herding and over-excited. He’s never attacked anyone or anything. The neighbor was screaming, I heard barking, and I ran over there.

Oh, and she shouted that she was going to call the police. I asked why.

We got our dog back, and I went to check on the one that was bitten. There was a puncture, I held the little guy while his “mom” cleaned the wound; he was calm and fine, as was the other one. When we finished, he ran off and hid under a bed, but that’s pretty normal – probably didn’t like the smell of the alcohol.

The neighbor was totally freaking out, talking and talking, saying she “knew” my dog was attacking and why would she lie about it and so on and so forth. I tried to calm her down, even found her vet’s phone number when she couldn’t see it on the open page, told her what I thought the vet would say, offered to pay for the vet visit if she wanted to bring the dog in, and assured her my dog’s shots were current.

She kept saying her husband was going to be really ticked and she showed me an axe or sledge hammer handle that he’d probably use on my dog, if he could.

When she called the vet, it sure sounded like they told her to wait and see, but she insisted on bringing the dog in; so she did. I saw her come home about 30 minutes later and went to see what happened.

Yes, the dog had a puncture and a little bruising; the vet cleaned the wound (again) and put on some Neosporin and told her to watch for signs of infection. For that, I asked for and was given the bill of $60. Okay, I get it; she was scared and worried and thinks her dogs are people. Not my thing, but whatever.

Oh, and she also talked about “neighbors” and how she didn’t want this to come between us. We’re not exactly close, but we do see each other outside from time to time, and visit on occasion. Okay, fine, whatever; I was actually planning on going back with a check and a bottle of wine.

Then the police pulled up. I opened the wine for myself. And I’m seriously considering getting the equivalent of that vet bill in pennies and leaving them on a pile on their front porch. Really.

I mean, what kind of people do this? And since when are the police supposed to act as animal control? After all of this, they call the police. Who, by the way, sent TWO patrol cars. Sheesh.

Yes, my dog got out and yes, my dog bit theirs. But I did the right thing by helping in a crisis, and offering to help further, and to pay the bill, and by having my dog’s shots up-to-date. Should I also be penalized by having the police at my door?

I should add that no, the police did nothing except ask what happened and to be shown the shot records; since my son’s numerous incidents with the police, we know most of the force and they’ve all met my dogs. They were, as always, courteous and professional.

Still, it’s something I didn’t need after this week. Seems like those who do try to do what’s right end up getting screwed. I fully expect neighborhood gossip, and probably a lawsuit.



One comment on “Dogs and Bites

  1. Toril says:

    Sounds like a complete overreaction! She must love drama…

    Did you tell the police about the threats she made about her husband maiming/killing your dog with the axe handle?


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