[the sound of twiddling thumbs]

Well, another day, same stuff, if you know what I mean….

I think most offices, especially if they close for lunch for an hour, open at 8:00 a.m., yes? Reasonable assumption. Oh, no – the caseworker’s office doesn’t open till 9:00 a.m. Okay, fine.

But why in the world, at 10:00 a.m., am I still getting a message that they are closed for Good Friday? Do they not know that Jesus has risen, Good Friday has passed, and now it’s MONDAY?? And when I finally got a real, live person, she just kept putting me through to more voicemail.

Our home has been deemed “safe”, at least for our youngest, based on the fun and exciting visit from the state investigator last week. Apparently, though, we are still “guilty” in the eyes of the state, even though the GAL told the judge we weren’t in court to “determine what happened”. Huh?

And, even though I haven’t been accused of anything whatsoever, it seems someone has said I must have supervised visitation with my son. It’s not in any court documents; the judge didn’t make that statement as far as I remember. Nothing is signed, sealed, or delivered.

I’m also not allowed to get any information about him at all – where he is, how he is, what he does, nothing. I’m not on “the list”. Yet my parental rights have not been terminated. Of course, the shelter didn’t know he was on probation, and his DJO isn’t on that list, so she can’t get information either.

What kind of circus is this, anyway?

I haven’t heard from the caseworker for almost a week – and she’s out of the office until tomorrow. Nice for some people to have a holiday, while they ruin it for others. Ditto for her supervisor.

So here’s the dilemma – do I keep fighting, or give up? My son still insists he was assaulted, even though he wanted me to pick him up that night. It wasn’t until I told him “no” that he claimed assault and fear of being at home. Interesting. Quite similar to him sabotaging my computer after we removed his, wouldn’t you say?


3 comments on “[the sound of twiddling thumbs]

  1. Toril says:

    Have you considered just taking the break and enjoying it? I’m sure that if he in any way was suffering, you would be hearing about it loud and clear. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise…?


  2. Toril says:

    And you could always leave a message with the caseworker: “Hey, why don’t you just keep him for now. I’m sure you’ll return him before long – when you realize how he’s just using you to satisfy his need for drama.”


  3. I probably could – except I’m teetering on the edge of depression and just too stressed out to relax. We had a family therapy appointment tonight…there seems to be some hope now, so….


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