Monday, Monday

Oddly enough, that was my FB status this morning. Another weekend of hearing/knowing nothing. Maybe things will change this week. Ha.

I talked to my son on Saturday. He sounded very manic, again, and angry. He said I was the reason he spent time in detention; he just doesn’t understand that HIS actions for the last year-and-a-half were the reason for detention. I wonder if he will ever understand that.

He plays the victim very well; he’s managed to convince many friends and family members of this. He takes no responsibility for actions. Well, okay, right before he was released from detention, right before the hearing, he admitted that he needs to make changes. But he didn’t make them.

We agreed on the rules together, we agreed on the way things would be when he got home. He didn’t follow through.

I want him home. I want him to behave.

He won’t tell me if he wants to come home. I’ve asked. Several times.

The state thinks he’s better off in their custody. I can’t figure this out. No one appears to be supervising him, or checking his work schedule; no one has taken him (yet) to see the court therapist – and that was ordered on March 23, we had an appointment on April 13. He’s been consistently breaking his court-ordered curfew. He hasn’t been to church, or Sunday school, or youth group. He hasn’t taken his GED.

Apparently, “protective custody” means no contact with his family at all – not even his little brother. I was told that my son doesn’t want a visit. So, it’s in his best interest to call the shots and make all the decisions? Is this what the state deems “better”?

There’s a reason kids have parents – it’s because they are KIDS and do not have the experience or maturity to make all their own decisions. So if the state wishes to assume the parental role, they had best be prepared to effectively parent the kids.

And, according to my son, he is living in a “homeless shelter”.


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