So That’s It

Other than the formality of court, it would appear that this nightmare is almost finished.

We’ve all heard about the “system”, both good and bad. The “system” exists to protect kids. That’s a good thing. It also, however, does the complete opposite in many cases.

Right here, in this country, a kid can say whatever he wants and make any claims he chooses – someone will believe him. Someone will take a kid who has had every advantage, every opportunity, and decide that it’s best for him to live elsewhere; even if that kid has simply refused to follow the rules and wants to be all grown up and on his own.

Some people think that’s okay – but it’s complete undermining of the parental role, complete hogwash, and utter stupidity. What’s next, the California bill that makes spanking a crime? More hotline calls for parents who dare to reprimand a child in public? Why not just create huge camps for all children who whine about wanting something but whose parents decide that it’s not best for them?

Let’s just ignore the welfare moms who keep having babies for whom they can’t provide, wait until another meth lab blows up a child, or allow kids to stay in homes on streets in which gunfire is a regular occurrence.

Instead, we’ll remove kids who complain about not being allowed to spend the night with a friend, or go to the mall, or get a drivers’ license. Kids who have been able to go to Scouts, and summer camp, play sports and travel to visit family, kids who have taken vacations and live in nice homes and spend time with their families, and have been sent to private schools and are planning on college – let’s yank them out of “harm’s way”.

By all means, listen to the “innocent children” and validate their complaints and feed into even more entitlement. That’s the new way of doing things, right? Certainly don’t hold kids accountable or give them responsibility or expect respect.

As long as those who profess to be child advocates insist on removing kids and catering to their demands, and leaving parents with false accusations and broken families – this will continue.

There is no help. My son lied about his family, and about and to himself, and his reward will be foster care; he’s fine with that. Meanwhile, he has devastated his own family.

And he doesn’t care. He got what he wanted, what he set out to accomplish. I suppose this is what he meant on his Facebook page when he said he “had a solution”.


One comment on “So That’s It

  1. Toril says:

    Have patience. A leopard can’t change its spots, and most likely your feelings will be validated pretty soon.

    I know that you have been struggling with this for a long time, and that it didn’t work out with the boarding school. (Did anyone talk to his teachers/supervisors there… Or was it perhaps your fault that this went wrong, too?)

    Try to let the feeling of losing control and being insulted by these workers go, and focus on the hope that maybe this will be better for him and for all of you. Try to enjoy the peace while it lasts… I have a feeling that it may not be very long.


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