Let’s Reiterate, Shall We?

Kid acts up and is taken into custody; kid lies, and is removed from the home.

Court hearing results in kid remaining in state custody.

Previously court-ordered family therapy is scheduled for one session for the parents, one session for the kid. That’s all. Guess we’re all better now. Right.

Kid in state custody, living in an “emergency shelter”. Kid’s visits with family take second place to his job, his preferences, and meeting his new foster parents. Kid engages in little or no therapy, or shelter activities, and is allowed to come and go as he pleases.

Yet the state still claims “family reunification” as its goal.

How can a family heal, or come back together, if there are no visits? How can it be said that there is progress, or lack thereof, if absolutely nothing is being done to precipitate this reunification?

I have seen my son in court, twice, and in my home once. That is since April 2, when he was taken away, almost five weeks. The home visit was for one hour, and I had to be supervised; yes, he was in so much danger from me, according to the state, that we couldn’t be left alone at all.

Of course, after the visit last week was canceled, when they couldn’t “find” him, he did call and apologize and asked us to come to work and see him. Sorry, son, your peeps think we’re too dangerous….

Last night he was going to come visit too, but gosh – his new parents had planned to take him to a baseball game. So, backseat again.

Excuse me, I’m going to go throw up now.


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