Meeting for…?

This afternoon we’re supposed to have a meeting to discuss a “plan” for that old standby, “Family Reunification”. Fun.

Not sure who is going to be there, although I certainly will, and I presume the caseworker, the DJO, and my son. Possibly others. Perhaps I should bring duct tape?

I did speak with my attorney last night. He didn’t exactly suggest the duct tape, but….

In light of that so-called investigation and the report we received, it’s going to be awfully hard to be quiet. Webster’s defines “investigate” as “to observe or study by close examination and systematic inquiry”.

Observation – doesn’t that commonly mean to look at, or see, and to spend time doing so? I suppose the meaning of “time” could be subjective, as to how much time, quality time, and so forth, but really – five minutes or so spent talking with one individual and maybe 20 minutes total in the home? Is that really “observation”? Of course, the investigator – and yes, I use the term loosely -spent more time with my son. She’s on his side, after all.

Yes, folks, it’s true – the state is not concerned with families, only with the children who are allegedly abused. The state is not bothered at all in being fair or even accurate. They obviously wanna bust SOMEone and they don’t really care who it is, as long as it isn’t the kid.

The next part, “systematic inquiry”, was covered in an even more ludicrous fashion. There are things on that report that, gosh, even I didn’t know about, and they have to do with me! Things like I have a “hostile relationship” with my extended family. Funny, I can count upwards of thirty family members with whom I have an excellent relationship – and one with whom there is no relationship whatsoever and one which is rather strained at the moment. But no one asked me.

The report also says that we have no support system from church or school or other organization. I wasn’t asked, but I spend a lot of time with people from those institutions and I do a lot of volunteer work. Maybe that doesn’t count? Oh, wait – I wasn’t asked about this part.

I could go on and on – but shhh, it’s CONFIDENTIAL. In big, red letters, even. Like I give a flip. The state invaded my life, broadcasts its lies and outright fabricates stories to try to make the case. Why?

Ah, that is the question, indeed. I believe I mentioned, not too long ago, that it took a mere six days to reroute the child support I receive – straight into the coffers of a debt-ridden state. Yet it takes some parents months or years to get a court order for support, or a modification, let alone the time it often takes to collect and disburse that support. So, what do YOU think? Money, or “family reunification”?


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