Moving along…but still no reality….

Yes, I’ve been away for a bit – not really away-away, but silent. Not, however, because I had to be or even wanted to be; it’s just the strain of trying to be normal when our lives are so upside down.

Here are some recent examples of the lack of reality:

The state is concerned about my being supervised during visits with my son, yet unconcerned that he’s been overusing tanning beds. He looks rather orange.

The state believes my son is due for a dental checkup, which he is, but won’t take him to his own dentist because that office doesn’t accept Medicaid – even though we carry dental insurance.

The state is going against the court order, from March 23, for my son to be in therapy – they claim they haven’t found a therapist who accepts Medicaid, even though we carry health insurance which would cover this.

My son was finally taken to register for the GED – but instead of studying or prepping for the test, he spends his time watching TV when he isn’t working. He sleeps as late as he wishes, at last report about 10:30 a.m. or so. He has no chores, no responsibilities.

He was taken to get his driver license; fortunately, he didn’t pass, because the state has no clue how exactly to insure his potential driving. He needs a haircut, desperately, but that appears to be less important than driving.

He hasn’t been to church, or Sunday school, or youth group. The state does not see this as an issue, but I certainly do. If ever a kid needed religious instruction, this is the one.

And he’s missed so many other things:

Dinner out with his family, shopping trips, barbeques, Easter and Mothers’ Day, a visit from his sister, his niece’s birthday party, his stepbrother’s wedding. Not to mention a regular family life, all the day-to-day things.

All this, in exchange for sleeping late, watching TV, and doing whatever he wants.


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