A Slightly Unusual Departure

So today I’m taking a different tack and branching out a bit – I wanted to mention two very different people here and touch briefly on their respective businesses.

MJ Joachim is a colleague of mine at Helium, and a very prolific one too, I might add. She has published well over 300 articles, blogs religiously – no pun intended, but hey, there it is – and is an educator and a mother as well. Of course, we all know which job is the toughest….

MJ is also one of the nicest folks I’ve ever met, virtually, of course. And hey, she said I wrote a “great article”, so I’m all for returning the compliment. You really should check out her work – here, I’ll make it easy: http://mjjoachim.blogspot.com/.

Another good friend of mine, Denise Hegger, has recently started a new business, air purifiers. Yeah, I know what you might be thinking: MLM, overpriced, not worth your time, etc.

Well, you’re wrong – these things are AMAZING. I had one here for five days and let me tell you: I smelled nothing, not dogs or the litter box, or fish cooking, or stinky shoes – nothing. And I’ll admit I forgot to run a couple of those “tests” they suggest, like an onion rubbed on the back of your hand and how, in ninety seconds, the smell is GONE.

But you know what? I miss the darn thing! It just seems stuffy in here, not smelly, exactly, but…different. I’d highly recommend one to almost anyone – and, here’s the best part in my opinion: it covers up to 3000 square feet! Not one of those dinky things that barely removes odors from your office, although it’s a nice, compact size. It really does cover the WHOLE house.

Oops, forgot to mention – doesn’t just remove smells, but actually takes out dander, dust mites, all those pesky allergens. And NO filters. And, it has a remote, and it runs quietly….

So, don’t just take my word for it – go check out her website, http://www.freshairliving.com/dhegger, and use the password “guest”. It’s a heck of a machine!


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