Why Doesn’t God Talk to Me?

Wow, it’s been almost a week since I’ve posted – guess I had better give myself a good talking-to, or maybe it’s time for a written reprimand…nah, I’ll stick with a verbal warning.

So, we went to court. Well, the lawyers spent a good 2-3 hours “negotiating”, and getting approvals from the judge, and we actually – out of four hours total in the building – were in the courtroom for about fifteen minutes.

The upshot is that my husband did not abuse my son, and my son is to remain in foster care until at least October. I cried.

But title of this post points to God or, more specifically, conversations with God which, most of the time to me anyway, seem rather one-sided. We’re supposed to talk to God in prayer – and listen to Him. What does this mean?

While talking with my brother-in-law the other day, I mentioned that God needed to be loud, clear, and direct with me because I obviously wasn’t “getting it”. If He does indeed speak to me, then I must be very, very slow or very, very hard-of-hearing. Both of which, of course, may just be possible.

Sometimes it’s like talking to my husband, in the evenings when he’s either engrossed in a TV show or snoozing in his chair – nothing, no response, nada. Other times I wonder if I’m picking up a signal somewhere along the line, like radio waves maybe. I always wondered how one was supposed to know if that was God, or just an over-active imagination….

But Rob’s response to me was this: if God were really clear in His directives to us, we would likely try to fix things ourselves – and probably royally screw it all up.

Huh. Whadda ya know. I get it, I really do. Because for me, anyway, I’m a fixer. I try to figure out the best route, the best plan, the best outcome – and often I’m so busy planning I kind of forget to carry out the plan itself.

So Rob’s theory makes a lot of sense – and now I know that, since God’s answers to prayer are either “yes”, “no”, or “wait”, that obviously He knows me very well and has added a fourth: “let Me handle this one”.

This is most certainly true!


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