Mafia Wars – Most Awesome Game Ever, or Huge Time-Waster?

For those of you who haven’t yet signed on to Mafia Wars on Facebook, for those who haven’t yet played the coolest game on the Internet, pay attention!

I suppose that opening sentence gives away my feelings on Mafia Wars, as it pertains to the title of today’s blog, but let me tell you – I fielded quite a few requests before I finally said “yes” and got started. Exactly one week ago.

Having banked my first (of many) million dollars, and moved up to Level 33, and having obtained an arsenal worthy of Don Corleone (at least in his early days), I feel somewhat qualified to wax a tad bit eloquently on this game – and really, “game” may be too banal a word for this.

Okay, perhaps I’m getting a bit carried away. After all, if one obsesses over used energy and repeatedly checks to see how many experience points one has, and how close to the next level one may be, hmmm – that individual may just have an addiction problem!

If one spends those millions on property, and improvements to said property, and mourns when that property is attacked – there could be problem. If one fights the same mob repeatedly, and loses repeatedly, but still keeps fighting – ditto.

On the other hand, if one thinks that the Godfather movies were absolutely the BOMB – and considers his knowledge of such prior to making any moves whatsoever on Mafia Wars – then that raises obsession to a completely new level!

Not sayin’ that I do that…nope, not me!

Seriously, though, Mafia Wars is a great time-waster…er, I mean, stress-reducer…. For myself, I usually login to Facebook in the morning and stay there all day. Not ON it all day, not really…. But I do check Mafia Wars rather, um, frequently. After all, I get “paid” every hour and I need to bank all that loot or someone could steal it from me – and believe me, this “pays” a lot better than anything else I do!

4 comments on “Mafia Wars – Most Awesome Game Ever, or Huge Time-Waster?

  1. Hidde says:

    Mafia wars is an huge time waster. But nothing is as much as an time waster as world of warcraft.


  2. valeriamontoyaaidz says:

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  3. zynga says:

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