Last Meeting!

This is so exciting to me – the last time, probably, at least until after court in October, that I will be subjected to non-answers and rhyming directives. Woohoo!

Actually, it was a pretty good meeting, if you discount the above two comments. I really don’t like being treated like a six-year-old, which is the developmental age that is probably about average for “children” removed from their homes. My son, of course, is sixteen, and I, well, am a lot older than that.

I also do not – no way, no how – enjoy being admonished by people who are roughly the ages of some of my kids – and who have no kids themselves. But that’s okay, I can hold my own, truly. Those of you who know me, IRL, would likely agree – ha!

They weren’t happy when I asked why a supervisor had to be present, and asked what exactly her role was. I had been told, after all, that said supervisor must approve everything, so why not cut out the middleman, the caseworker? Aren’t they just doubling up for no real reason? Doesn’t this take away hours from someone who really needs help?

Wanna know the answer? “It’s a requirement.”

Yup, that’s it. That’s the sum total of why we must entertain a gaggle of folks at these meetings. I wonder who made up that requirement? And why? But I didn’t ask; no sirree. I’m sure they wouldn’t have had an answer – well, not one which made any sense.

Oh, and that wasn’t considered a proper question for the forum. Hmm. Wonder why?

Have to admit, it’s kinda fun to ask questions that they can’t answer.

I could go on and on about how it’s rather amusing to discuss things of which those who are supposed to be “in charge” know little to nothing; sure seems to me that, if one is assigned a teenager, one should have some experience with teenagers and all their issues. Things like college, financing, banking, licenses, and so forth. Seems like someone should have the information or be able to obtain it quickly. Seems like, huh?

But alas, there may be some educated minds running the funny farm, but it often appears that some may have skipped a few classes during their tours of academia or, more likely, have become indoctrinated and inculcated with that “save the children” mentality. Somehow, they missed the assignments referring to teenagers.


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