Don’t Call Me Sweetie!

So I called this car salesman today – you knew he’d be a car salesman, right? And he said to me: “Well, let me explain this to you, sweetie….”

WHAT?? Keep in mind, I’ve never met this guy, spoke to him once before, briefly. And he’s calling me “sweetie”??

I responded with: “Please don’t call me “sweetie” – I don’t even know you.” And he said:

“Don’t take an attitude with me, you should ask me politely.”


So he called me back, citing that as some reason to stop being a jerk-off I guess. And he proceeded to lecture me, and then said he was in Texas, and this was just the way he talked.


First, NO ONE calls me sweetie, except my husband, little old ladies, or very old gentlemen. Period. Let alone anyone I’ve never met, who is probably young enough to be grouped in with our assorted offspring, age-wise.

Second, this is NOT a Southern thing. I’ve lived in the South, and been familiar with particular customs all my life, and while one might be referred to by various terms of endearment, there is an element of respect involved. No man would address a woman as “sweetie” unless he was married to her, or old enough to be her grandfather.

And third, a good salesperson, man or woman, would apologize for his words and respectfully answer the question. A successful salesperson would certainly not talk over a potential customer, interrupt repeatedly, and lecture her on manners – especially not this bozo who must have been in hiding when manners were passed out.

I am purely steamed, and I told my daughter that I’d avoid this guy like the plague. But she really, really wants this car and seems willing to jump through all his hoops to get it. I hope it works out for her, I do, but I’m sure not talking to him again.


One comment on “Don’t Call Me Sweetie!

  1. Marianne says:

    That son-of-a-bitch. What dealership is he at? I’ll go up there, set him up to call me sweetie and then I’ll elbow him in the face twice as hard as normal since I’ll be giving him what for from the both of us!

    For real!

    It ain’t no “Southern Thing”. I’ll tell you what is a “Southern Thing”…that would be me tellin’ him just how the cow ate the cabbage….


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