Back To School

Yawn. It’s not so tough getting up at 6:30 a.m., but it is hard to get moving by 8:15. What a bum I turned into over the summer! It’s not that I just sit here, like a slug, drinking coffee while still in my robe; I actually do a little housework, and write, and plan my day. I just don’t look very presentable, one of the perks of working at home.

We so look forward to summer, fun in the sun and all that – and a noticeable lack of running hither and yon. But, truthfully, after a couple months or so, it’s nice to get back into more of a routine. Guess that’s why it’s called summer “vacation”.

I am, however, becoming utterly swamped this week. I had my husband so freaked out, anticipating the coming week, that he called me on his way home from work trying to figure out what was going on that night. He kept asking for hints, but I was being a big, ole meany-head and wouldn’t give him any. He even called our youngest and asked him – who, predictably, informed his dad that he was supposed to take us to McDonald’s that night.

To be honest, we had nothing going on. It was the only night that was free. Seriously, though – am I his mother that I should remind him of everything? If I have to keep track of it all, he ought to be able to remember a couple things, right?

He’s doing better, but he still won’t check the calendar….

So we started off with a bang: school, cross-country practice, confirmation; the oldest started college which, fortunately, is only two days a week – he did a great job with his schedule. This was just the first week or so…now we’re getting into dentist appointments, physicals and, of course, orthodontist visits. Sigh.

At least there aren’t any upcoming court dates.


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