Yes, I can juggle; well, two balls at a time, anyway. Never could manage to get the hang of that third one!

But I wasn’t referring to a carnival sideshow, just my life. However, as a life reference, I can easily manage three or more, even a couple extra as long as they’re short-term. But things right now are just CRAZY.

First, I’m having a Fibro flare-up. Eh, I can manage, I have some decent pain meds; the problem is that I don’t usually recognize it until I’m into, say, Day 2 or 3, which means I lose a little productivity and feel a lot of guilt until then.

And it affects my sleep, as in I don’t get much; which came first, the chicken or the egg? Am I tired because of lack of sleep, or tired because of the fibro? It’s a vicious cycle, I’m tellin’ ya!

I think I’ll just make a list of the others:

My husband has his follow-up CT scans on Friday; no idea when we’ll hear results.
My son is still in foster care, for two more months and then (hopefully) coming home; in the meantime, we have “family therapy”. You might think that part isn’t a stressor – ha!
Already covered the potential sale of the farm, the last bit controlled by family.
And already covered the estate issues, which should be finished – this month? Next month? Ever??
We ARE buying a house, and moving, very soon. A month or so. I hope. Will the house we want still be there? I don’t know, so I can’t plan. I refuse to think about it, in case it doesn’t work out. Been there, done that.
Not to mention school has started, confirmation starts tonight, and I’m already running so ragged that I have NO TIME. None. Whatsoever.

Hmmm. Back to the sleep question. No wonder I can’t shut my eyes, huh? Writing it down sure puts things in perspective – it’s kind of a “duh” moment.

Oh yeah, and the snoring. Not mine, my husband’s. It’s enough to rattle the windows, some nights, and always particularly loud just when I’m about to drift off. Figures. It really does. Those balls are just flying all over the place, but seem to be dropping, one by one. At least they aren’t crashing down on my head. Yet.


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