I Must Be in La-La Land

So here’s how the week has been working out for me:

First, my son threw me for a loop when he came over on Wednesday and announced that he’d just had lunch with his birth father.


This is the man who has not so much as sent a birthday card or made a phone call in almost seventeen years.


When I get my brain wrapped around all this, I’ll get back to you. Maybe.

Yesterday, Thursday, I spent TWO hours making phone calls to try to get information about appealing that silly municipal court decision. No one knew anything. I got disconnected THREE times.

Finally, the legal department called me back, left a message, and…they didn’t know anything either. Sheesh.

Today I finally reached someone who didn’t know much either, but she did get answers and call me right back – God bless Margaret! I have only until Tuesday to file, and it will, of course, cost a few dollars – but considerably less than $800. Yes, yes, it’s a possibility that I’ll lose, but hey, it’s worth a shot.

First thing this morning, my husband had his CT scans – the three-month follow-up from his cancer surgery in June. He got home about 8:30 or so and said all they told him was that “some blood levels” were “kind of high”. Sigh.

After considerable research, and further questioning, I finally discovered what he was talking about. I made a few calls, and finally talked to the oncology nurse. It could be minor, it could mean something not so good. However, we won’t know a flippin’ thing until the doctor reviews it all on…TUESDAY.

I hate holiday weekends. I am never off, and neither is my husband, so why doesn’t everyone else have to work? I know, I know, blasphemy!

Back on Facebook, I discover several posts of encouragement and sympathy for a friend – I immediately called her, and it turns out her husband is having bypass surgery; they just took him into the OR. Had a massive heart attack while doing water aerobics, of all things. And he’s just 50. So, yeah, right now I’m eating a WHOLE chocolate bar instead of just half.

I mean really – for crying out loud and all that – isn’t it about time for EVERYthing to settle down??

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