September 11

The date itself is quite fitting for a title today. My heart and my prayers go out to and for the families affected by 9/11 – a date which needs no other explanation.

The date is significant to me in other ways, as well: my older son was confirmed in our faith on this day in 2005. I often wonder if he remembers that and thinks about the significance of the event – or if he merely is relieved that he passed the course!

Our family goes back many generations in a tradition of Lutheranism. Two of my kids used my mother’s Small Catechism for their confirmation classes, as did I. I understand there’s a new one now – so my youngest, starting instruction this fall, will mostly be using that one. Of course, we Lutherans love change so much, dontcha know?

He’s got a lot of work ahead of him – in fact, at one point I considered making my two older ones repeat it! Ha. Fat chance. At any rate, little Lutherans must all do this, the memorization, the questions, the sermon notes – and by gosh, they’ll like it too! Ha. Again.

Another important note of this date is that today, this morning, my youngest took his first flight. No, he’s not a pilot, but he wants to join the Air Force. He’s not quite twelve, but he decided this years ago and he’s sticking to it.

He’s not the kind of kid who jumps up and down in excitement; well, not more than once or twice at a time. If you ask if he’s excited, he’ll emphatically say, “YES!” but that’s about it.

A lot like his father. Remember, a couple days ago, when I told him the CT scan results and he said, “Well, good.” You know, like I’d just paid a bill or something. The youngest is exactly the same.

I asked how his first airplane ride was, and he said, “Good.” That was it. You’d think he’d be bubbling over with excitement and awe, telling me all the details. Nope. He did say he got to see inside the cockpit after they landed, and there were a lot of buttons and switches and lights. I asked what his favorite part was.

“Barrel rolls.”

Little smart-aleck.


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