My Son.

The other day, I asked my son if he had any ideas for a blog post. Of course he did – he said I’d griped and complained about him, blogging about all the negative things going on, and wasn’t it time for a more positive treatise?

I considered what he said, thought about how many months we’d been dealing with his poor behavior and, as well, how far he’d come since then.

So here it is.

I won’t bore anyone with all the details over the years of my son’s life, the lies, the behavior, the attitude, the police calls, and so forth. Suffice it to say, since last January, things have changed a great deal.

When he was expelled from school, and unable to return to a previous one, we gave him a choice: get his GED and a job, or attend an alternative school. I’ve said, for many years, that he wants to be grown up so badly, more so than any other teenager I’ve ever known, that the first option would seem to be a good one. Not for every teen, certainly, but maybe for him.

He got a job, two actually, and we sent off for all the paperwork for his GED. He refused to go sign up, let alone take the exam. His behavior, outside of work, was not two steps forward and one back, but the opposite.

Within a month, he was sent to detention, courtesy of the county. Three weeks later, released on probation, he seemed to “get it”. For about a week. Then he was removed from our home.

He’s been in foster care ever since.

Finally, in June, my son took – and passed quite handily – his GED. By August, he’d enrolled in the local community college. He continued to work until classes started, has been in therapy both alone and with the family, and seems to be doing well in school.

His attitude has improved immensely.

We’ve been able to see him, since July, at least once every couple weeks; after he started college, he comes over more frequently. We’ve even had a few overnights. He’s been pleasant, good company, obedient, and mostly a hard worker when he’s here and we have a “project” to accomplish.

He says he enjoys college a lot more than high school and, even at not quite 17 years old, has had a couple of “study dates” with a few different girls. That, of course, is what’s most important to him!

Most likely, he’ll be coming home in a month. We’ve talked about his driver license, a car, continuing college – he wants to go off to a university next year – and the house rules. He’s seems very cooperative. I only hope it lasts when he’s actually here.

And, right now, I have no reason to believe otherwise. He seems happy, and busy, and he wants to come home again. And we certainly want him back.


4 comments on “My Son.

  1. hopeannfaith says:

    Amen. That is awesome. My prayers are with you.


  2. Toril says:

    I’m very happy to read this!

    Will you get a chance to talk to his foster parents and listen to their experiences to help you with the transition back home?


    • Oh, yes, they keep me updated, I see them fairly often and talk on the phone now and again. They’re nice people, just about as different as we are as night and day!


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