Time Off

I took the day off yesterday – I did none of my usual “chores” around the house, sat around and played online games all day, did some reading; oh, and I took a nap.

Sat down in the office this morning to dig in and start a new project – and finish up some old ones – and realized that I haven’t posted a new blog in TWO WEEKS!

That must be a record. Or something. Not one of which I’m proud. In fact, I should probably be shot, strung up, drawn and quartered…you get the idea. Of course, no one seems to have missed it either. Hmmmm.

Things seem to be winding down here on the homefront. Thank God. I’ve really, truly had enough the last few years. Always something.

My husband’s bone scan came back clear last week. That was a pure relief. Since his diagnosis in May, things have been pretty tense. I’ve had cancer scares myself, but the tests always came back benign. Three times, in fact.

His didn’t, as most of you know. After surgery, the doctors assured him that they “got it all”. And they did. That they could see at the time. Which is why he has to have follow-up appointments for the next few years, every three months for CT scans and every six for bone scans.

He doesn’t seem worried. At all. And he really hasn’t changed his lifestyle either. Well, after every health scare, he does change – for about two weeks. Then it’s business as usual.

I worry. Not a lot. Not even consciously, except right before and right after his scans and appointments. But then, I’ve read a lot about this stuff – kidney cancer is damn scary, especially since the traditional treatments of chemo and radiation don’t have much effect on it. And if it spreads, well, it’s still considered “kidney” cancer….

I don’t think the family “gets it” either. And it’s stressful, I know. For my husband and myself. At least I think it would have to be, for him. I know it is for me. I can see that in my own blood pressure readings – yikes!

So tomorrow is court and my son should be coming home. For good. I hope. And we should be done with state interference. I hope. Let’s put it this way: *I* am done with them. They can do whatever, I won’t be a participant. Guarandamntee it.

He was here recently for almost a week. Had a rocky evening near the beginning, but things smoothed out – quite a lot. I have to say most of it has to do with my son – he’s finally growing up a bit. Well, that and a car sitting in the driveway, waiting for him to get his license – I’m sure that helps!

And we are, at long last, “this” close to buying a house. Maybe. I think. Ah, heck – I’ve said that a few times, and we’re still wrangling with lawyers, still hoping and trying to make a deal. Sheesh. Can’t wait to get my “final bill”. Argh.

So, there’s progress. And that’s about all we can hope for, any of us.


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