Weird Things

Do you do anything you consider “weird” or strange, and it never occurs to you that other people do these things too?

Once, on a message board, I said that I checked medicine before I took it – you know, like to make sure the wrong pill hadn’t gotten in the bottle at some point.  My family thinks this is weird, so I’ve always assumed no one else did it. 

Interestingly enough, about six people responded and said, yep, they do it too – and no one thought it was strange, in fact, someone even said it was a good idea and she was going to start!

I  also do certain things on certain days, like I’ll shave my legs on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  TMI, right?  But if I don’t have a routine, I might forget things.  I mean, more so than I do now, but I chalk that up to hormones.

I’ve always had an excellent memory.  Really, I know how to spell, it’s my typing that’s become dyslexic lately.  My fingers are probably faster than my brain now, right?  Or something.

Anyway, the subject of this blog post jumped into my mind this morning when my son said something – or maybe it was a random thought instead – and now, for the life of me, I can’t remember the other example of weird things.

That’s all.  A shortie today, and some of you are probably saying, “Thank goodness!”  If remember what the trigger for this was, I’ll get back to you.  After a nap.

By the way, what weird things do you do?  Betcha they’re more “normal” than you thought!


One comment on “Weird Things

  1. Cindy says:

    Yup we thought we were weird. One time with a new prescription on a medicine my husband has taken for years. We found they were a different size than we were used to.
    Went back to pharmacy got new ones they had no idea why.. Two days later the pills were re-called as they were actually a double dose of medicine. Could have killed him…Check your pills!


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