Dear People Who Will Not Help My Son:

In the last four days, I have been told all of the following:

Your son must have an evaluation and comply with treatment.

Your son must go home, into your care and custody, and behave himself.

We will evaluate your son and recommend him for inpatient treatment.

Oops, no, the on-call doctor will pass the buck to your son’s doctor – but not until Monday.

Your son has said you hit him on the head, yet there is no injury, no bump, no nothing.

Your son will need to hit rock bottom before he will accept help, and he will likely end up in jail or worse.

If you take your son to the ER for another evaluation, the doctor will admit him.

If your son shows up at your house, call 911 and the police will take him to the ER and the doctor will admit him.

Oops, no, the police can’t do this – after I was put on “hold” by 911.

If you can get your son to the ER, the doctor will admit him – this was the THIRD time that the doctor’s office told me this just today.

Intake will be calling you.

No, just talked to Intake, the Crisis Intervention guy will be calling you and making arrangements to pick up your son and take him to the ER, where he will be admitted.

The police can do nothing; the Crisis people can do nothing. 

The Family Court will not take this case – but wait, they ALREADY HAVE this case!  WTH??

Call NAMI for a support group near you.

It’s enough to request the Witness Protection Program, but I’m here to tell you: this is a bunch of BS.  Civilly, I’m told, my son is a child; criminally, he’s an adult.  Fine, I get that.  But, if I’m supposed to take care of him, civilly, as in support, feed, clothe, shelter, obtain medical care, why does this NOT APPLY TO MENTAL HEALTH????

Why does he have to consent to mental health treatment?  Do we really need to just let incompetent crazy people run around loose – well, with the exception of those in D.C.?  But tell their parents/guardians that THEY are responsible for any stupid thing they do?  What a crock.

I guarandamntee you that, if I was refusing to obtain treatment for a sick child with a 105 degree fever, the Children’s Division would be all over me and filing every motion they could find – not to mention falling all over themselves to help me get “services”.  But not for mental health.

Again, what a crock.


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