When I got up this morning, I was kinda sorta thinking of a blog post; of course, I had no topic in mind, but felt sure one would (might) come to me eventually.  Lo and behold, I decided to make a phone call.  Really, that’s all it takes on some days!

I called the state Child Support Enforcement Division.

Call #1 – wrong number

Call #2 – somehow I was connected to the hard-of-hearing line

Call #3 – waited on “hold” for about ten minutes because they were busy helping other “customers”.

See, the CS was paid three weeks ago; the state had some sort of delay in changing to my new bank account for direct deposit, but my old bank assures me that it would have been returned to the state immediately.  That was March 16.  Now, while my old bank was pretty whack, which is why we changed, I don’t think they’ve ever outright made up stuff like this.

The problem is that the state doesn’t seem to know where it went.  Gee, how come the average person can’t get away with this?  Sorry, electric company, I don’t know where that bill payment disappeared to, I swear I sent it on time.  Maybe one of these days I’ll get around to sending it again.  As soon as I find it.

Or, like the state told me, “call back on Thursday, we’ll have an answer for you.”  Of course, they’ve told me that twice now.  Maybe I should ask “which” Thursday.

Oh, and they assured me the amount was correct.  This is a HUGE issue, because I spent the last two years trying to get a modification.  [pause to insert rant against the bonehead who has to argue about everything]

Fine, forget the pause, here’s the rant:

This man has had NOTHING to do with my son from day one; I sent him pictures, he returned them.  No calls, no birthday cards, no Christmas gifts.  NOTHING.  No help with extracurriculars, no paying of medical costs OR insurance premiums (the latter was finally figured in about five years ago).  And no help when my son finally went ballistic and has been in and out of court, detention, doctors, counseling, etc., for two-and-a-half years.  NOTHING.

He has paid support.  Support that was ordered in 1993, almost 17 years ago, after prolonged litigation as to whether he was the father – and he knew the answer darn good and well.  I asked for a modification twice, and both times he argued, dragged it out, and retained an attorney.  Gee, stupid much?

Okay, rant over.  Probably.  Mostly.

The state ordered an increase of just over $100 a month.  He bitched, griped, and moaned.  He caused delays.  He wanted an abatement for the six months my son was in foster care, arguing that we didn’t “support” him during that time.  The kid was removed due to HIS OWN actions, not ours, and even the local judge didn’t order US to pay support – for these very reasons.  Not to mention that we continued to give him spending money, pay for some medical and dental because the foster system absolutely blows in that respect (well, okay, in many others as well!), help with college costs, etc.  Oh, and not to mention the ATTORNEY FEES we’re accumulating to defend ourselves from my son’s false claims of abuse – four, to date.

So, again, I wait.  For the state to pull its head out of its ass.  Figuratively speaking, of course.  I at least have to wait till “Thursday”.  Might be this week, might be in six months. 

And I did call the state attorney general’s office – they ever so nicely gave me a name and number for a man who is in charge of complaints against CSE.  Boy, am I ever going to make a list, check it twice, and start calling.  Might have to wait till Thursday, though, you never know….  And I think I’ll send Bozo the attorney’s bill – I figure he should pay 60%, based on income shares, but I’ll settle for 50%. 

I’m nice like that.


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