I’m So Sure…

…that everyone is waiting with bated breath to hear of my son’s latest escapades.  So here goes:

As you know, I think, he was released from probation on April 7.  This means he answers to no one, no judge, no PO, and of course, not us either – but that’s nothing new.  He says he’s staying with his former foster parents, and working at a pizza place.  Neither of those have been independently confirmed, although he’s using a phone provided and paid for by them.

In spite of having no car insurance, he’s been driving…other people’s cars.  He knows he has no insurance, he’s been told not to drive.  Yeah, ’cause that works, right?

He’s managed to run another account into a negative balance.  He’s said, on Facebook, that he’s going to take EMT classes.  He’s been “in a relationship” and “single” and back “in a relationship”.  He’s asked to buy the car; he’s asked to be given a refund for the car payments he’s made.  Today he asked if he could get a tattoo.


Oh, and he’s still going down to the farm, hanging out, doing Lord knows what.

All this in two weeks.

Today he wanted to know, if we were going to Texas in a couple weeks, could he “catch a ride”.  Huh?  I’m tellin’ ya, it’s wearing me out – I can’t keep up!  I just tell myself that, in seven months and a few weeks, he’ll be 18; he’s just rushing a bit…right?


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