What’s the Point?

At the moment, I’m confined to my desk chair, icing my back.  This sucks.  I mean, really, really sucks.  All I did was step in a depression on the ground while walking the dog…Thursday night.  Friday, I was fine.  Saturday, not so much.  And ever since, I’ve just been plain miserable.

I can think of things to do, which don’t require a lot of muscle usage; but right now I’m stuck to this chair.  And, get this, the worst pain is when I’m sitting.  Wonder how long I can stay on my feet?  Probably not long, since I got a sum total of maybe four hours of sleep last night.  Coffee is my BFF today.

I did call a doctor.  Surprisingly, the office called right back…while I was in the shower.  Phone tag, what fun!  We’ll see….

So what’s a writer to do when she can’t focus?  The words are there, in my head, but getting them on paper (or on screen, as the case may be), I stall.  And procrastinate.  And find other things to do.  Or maybe just do nothing.

I’m a self-imposed deadline.  Or rather, a husband-imposed deadline – he challenged me to hit the halfway mark at the end of this month.  I’m just moving very, very slowly. 

Not like this is all I have to do.  I mean, every day there are things that must be accomplished around here in order to keep things running smoothly.  Dishes, laundry, picking up, paying bills, running errands.

I know what I’d tell anyone else.  But I need someone to tell ME, because I don’t listen to myself very well!

That’s all.  Carry on.  Commercial break is over.  See you around!


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