Now, strictly speaking, this has nothing to do with writing unless being brain dead equates with writer’s block.  Which it does.  Sometimes.

I call it “fuzzy brain”.  One of those days when nothing quite computes, when you ask questions and get answers that are completely unrelated to the question itself, and then it takes 10 minutes to reword the question and explain the whole thing to the askee.  Whew.

And of course, my brain is fuzzy because of all the project that I’ve undertaken and all the deadlines that are coming closer and closer and all the things that I absolutely HAVE to get done.  Now.  And, of course, the ones I missed completely!

My point is that…well, I’ve got nothing.  So, feel free to add your comments on your own fuzzy brain syndrome, pet peeves, aggravations, writer’s block cures, or even blog topics.  Knock yourselves out, please??  I think I need a good therapist, some highly effective drugs or, even, a few good ideas in order to create more deadlines and projects….


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