Have to give props to the new crop of copy-editors over at DS…or whatever name they’re currently using.  I’ve written 20 articles in the last week or so and only found ONE CE who appears to be a moron.  I’m sure my writer friends saw my FB post the other day….

But that means that the other 19 CEs seem rather intelligent.  Now, in case you think I’m whining because of rewrite requests or rejections, let me explain.  I have my share of those, of course, you can’t please everyone all of the time, but in the past I’ve had CEs quibble over mechanics – such as “only one space between sentences” and other garbage like “I don’t understand your meaning” when referring to a sentence such as “John walked up the stairs.”  Huh?

And, in the past, they were always really snippy about those small details.  So far, in this round of writing for DS, I’ve seen comments like these:

“Great work!”

“I love your bio!”

“Beautifully written!”

Wow.  Kinda made my day.  Of course, that could always change…but for now, I’m enjoying it!

Always seemed to me that CEs were supposed to take care of those little details, like a typo or a minor spacing change.  Guess not.  Although, if one could take time to delete a paragraph and write her own, you’d think….

Well, anyway, the pay is great, and that’s what counts at the moment!


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