Doing What’s Right

There’s right, there’s wrong, and there’s relative.  In other words, some things ARE black-and-white, and some are just opinions or dependent on the situation.

We’ve all been there; we choose to do what’s right, or maybe sorta-kinda-almost right.  And then, other times, we choose to do what’s wrong.  Sometimes we just don’t know any better, and sometimes we don’t have all the facts; sometimes, too, we are handicapped by what others choose.  And, sometimes we just don’t care enough to do what’s right.

How do you handle the behavior of those who choose what’s wrong?  Do you take it in stride, i.e., ignore it and fume to yourself?  Do you call out the person, and stand up for what’s right?  Or do you just let it go?

Letting go might be fine, but if you aren’t careful it can build and build into something rather terrifying.  And letting go might have an adverse effect on others.  Then, too, not standing up for what’s right means, in essence, that you’re condoning what’s wrong.

Leave a comment, if you will, and tell us how YOU handle the right/wrong issues with which you are confronted – big, small, mundane, whatever you want to tell us about.


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