This is it….

Sheesh, why do I even have a blog?  Haven’t been here in ages, my apologies to *all* my fans – ha!  So, time for an update:

Lots of things going on.  I counted, a week or so ago, about 10 things I’m stressed over.  Just 10.  Not a huge number, right?  But, I’m happy to report, several of those things just dropped off The List.  Yay!  Of course, it helps that I can’t quite remember all of them in the first place….

I’ve decided to go for it, to write fulltime.  And, of course, hopefully earn a living!  Guess I’m pushing off that nervous breakdown for a bit longer.  Oh, well.

Suppose I should have written this little piece a couple weeks ago, because I actually started on June 1.  Seemed like a good date, first of the month and all; but, naturally, life is getting in the way just a tad.  First, there were the last couple days of school for my youngest; then medical tests for my husband; then a few crises with family members – well, truthfully, some of them have pretty continuous crises…but I digress.

And, well, that’s part of my problem too – digression.  Or, as it’s better known, procrastination. 

On the other hand, perhaps some of my writer friends can enlighten me:

Is it REALLY procrastination, or don’t you have to “feel” something first?  I mean, there’s focus, which we all need regardless of occupation, but there has to be some movement of the creative spirit before we can begin.  Or, I supposed, one must simply type until that spirit moves, yes?  I think my brain must be getting fuzzy again…or, well, it’s that darn procrastination!

What do you think?


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