Catch Up

Yeah, remember that whole “I need to keep up on this blog thing” a few weeks ago? Well, it’s been a few weeks! Lots going on here….

A few storms, some tree limbs down. Kind of an understatement, actually: we did some trimming the other day, and then God did some of his own. Half a tree, really, by my mailbox; the top half, hanging on another branch, most blocking the driveway. Joy.  Since the tree guy never called me back, I paid a toothless dude in a pickup truck to shinny up there with a chainsaw. Heck, *I* wasn’t going up 30 feet in the air!

Been working for several weeks now helping my stepmom. Seems my BIL has been a very bad boy, engaging in credit card fraud, mortgage fraud, and identity theft – all in her name. What a mess! Someone needs to slap him, hard, a few times at least. I imagine that honor will fall to one judge or another. Too bad for him!

So we moved her across the state; we moved a friend to a new apartment, on a hill so it won’t flood like the last one. Hill, right? Stairs. Lots of them. I call it LeAnn’s Stairmaster 2011. But did I lose any weight? Maybe a pound. Maybe. Blech. Got a good workout, though! I think. I’ll let you know when I recuperate.

Oh yes – the high point? A new granddaughter! Born on Flag Day and had her first professional photo shoot the next morning – now THAT’s a cute baby!

And the cicadas are GONE. Yay!!!! Mosquitoes have taken their place, if the number of bites on my leg is any indication. Funny, they never bother me when they’re having dinner, I just notice a few days later. Oops, that might be poison ivy…hmmm…well, whatever, it itches like crazy! And, as I said, the cicadas are GONE! I’ll take the trade!


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