Always a Project

Yeah, guess I’m bored. I mean, we finished up the house closing, my stepmom’s fraud case is proceeding and there’s not much left for me to do at the time; my church stuff doesn’t come around again until spring – although I’ve gotten a few calls on dates for next May! Sheesh, I’m not even sure what I’ll be doing next Wednesday!

Kids are all doing okay – hard to help those who don’t seem to want your help; not to mention those who just want bailouts. But, I digress….

Of course, there’s always writing, which I do; and housework, yard work, laundry, etc. Or, I could clean up the garage which, while a work-in-progress, apparently needs even more work…I just heard a loud crash that either means a truck crashed into the house or those damn stacked tubs fell over. Again.

So yesterday, my husband was really, really irked with his job. For myself, I’ve been beyond irked for quite some time. I could go on and on about that stupid company he works for – yes, we’re grateful he has a job, blah, blah, blah, but it doesn’t do a whole lot of good to have a job if it’s killing you, ya know?

He’d much rather work for himself. And he has. He owned a couple different businesses back in the day, and the two of us started our “entrepreneurial conglomerate” back in Colorado in the 90s. So maybe it’s time again?

Yeah, the economy stinks. So what? It’s stunk before, it’ll stink again. Besides, it’s fun to start something new! Okay, so maybe your idea of fun and mine are poles apart – you know, my dad always told me the way to go was to have your own business; on the other hand, he told my sister that she should get a good job with benefits, working for someone else. Maybe he recognized our differences, maybe he changed his mind?

Well, anyway, so I keep thinking “bookstore”. Just got the news that Borders is going under, but instead of that scaring me, I’m thinking maybe I could pick up some stock…am I nuts? Probably, so don’t answer that! My point is that we wouldn’t have to have nights, weekends, holidays all messed up due to someone else’s schedule; sure, it’s hard work, but that’s not a problem. The problem is doing stupid stuff because someone higher up thinks it’s a good thing – even if that higher-up is an idiot, ya know?

So really, a few thousand books, a smallish space, some comfy chairs and reading lights, a register/POS system…yeah, yeah, I know it’s not that simple – like, for instance, coming up with about $30K, minimum, for start-up. But it’s not impossible, after all. Besides, I could write when traffic is slow, we could host authors and reviewers and book clubs, it could be a lot of fun!

Oh, and my husband would be happy if some of MY 1000 books migrated over there too!


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