Really, STLCo?

Funny how things work. Decided to forgo a blog post today ‘cause I just wasn’t feelin’ it, ya know? Then, lo and behold, a county guy comes to the door to talk to me about our “pool.”

This past Sunday, my son found a good deal on a pool, the kind with a blow-up rim, 8 feet in diameter, 2 feet deep. We set it up. It’s behind the house, the ONLY way anyone could see it is to be in our backyard. Or, well, the strip of land owned by the water company. Or, my next-door neighbor.

Now, the water company’s mowing crew was here on Tuesday, but the county guy said the call came in today. Besides, why would three guys with weed whackers care about this? On the other hand, let me tell you about my neighbor.

I haven’t met any of them. Neither adult came over when we moved in, last November. The wife told a tree guy to talk to me because “that big tree keeps dropping stuff on our yard.” Last winter, the kids were sledding down the hill that’s their side/front yard down about halfway along ours. I think there are two or three kids, not really sure. I HAVE had a couple kids riding bikes in my driveway….

At any rate, I’m told the property line goes through a large shrub, straight back. My neighbor seems to think it goes on my side of that shrub. Fine, less for me to mow. Except whenever we mow he comes back out to “fix” the pattern that’s he mowed into his yard. Really? And a couple days ago, I saw his sprinkler system go off – at least two heads are in MY yard! So I guess I have to bring out the tape measure…and some stakes.

Moving along, to see from his backyard into mine, he’d have to walk all the way to the back of his property because there are tons of trees and shrubs and undergrowth blocking the view. Thank goodness. But really? What’s the big deal? We didn’t invite you over? Sheesh.

So, the county guy shows up. Says we have to have a fence around the pool. I told him the county ordinances said that that’s only if the pool is more than two feet deep. He said it applies to wading pools too, but the ordinance just doesn’t say it. Okey dokey then. Very nice man, actually. Said he’d give me two weeks (school starts in two weeks) and would send me a nasty letter. I said, great!

Then I asked about wading pools.

He said that the county regulations say that any body of water must be fenced. Again, really? ‘Cause there’s a storm creek in front of the house, and it’s not fenced. I asked why. He said because of mosquitos. Okay, I really do understand that standing water attracts mosquitos, but – a FENCE will keep them out??? Seriously??

Who knew? Guess I’ll fence in the whole place and keep those skeeters out, woohoo!

Oh, and Mr. Neighbor? You do NOT want to screw with me. At all.


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