STLCo Revisited

It’s been two-and-a-half weeks since the very nice man from the county showed up after a complaint about our “pool”. I had pointed out that the ordinances say pools must be fenced only if they are more than two feet deep, but he assured me that there was ANOTHER regulation saying that it didn’t matter, even wading pools had to be fenced. You know, because standing water is a health hazard – gotta fence out those mosquitos!

The county guy said I’d be getting a letter from him, and that we had two weeks to take down the pool or fence it. So far, no letter. And no fence.

But we did take down the pool, because school starts in a few days and well, it’s actually been kind of cool for taking a dip. I do find it interesting, however, that the invisible ordinance was never invoked.

Do you think someone finally figured out that fences don’t keep away mosquitos? Or that we should already have a problem with the little suckers because there’s a storm sewer creek in the front yard? Sheesh. Like folks don’t have enough problems without the county trying to protect them from every little thing – on their own property!


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