More Entitlement

And yet another article this week. This one referenced “the economy”, naturally, and claimed that was the reason so many young adults can’t move out of Mommy and Daddy’s house and get their own place; you know, actually have lives.

I call B.S.

True, they can’t find places with all the amenities that Mom and Dad shower upon them, the things their parents worked all their lives to acquire, but surely they could find a cheap place with mismatched furniture and eat Ramen for a while.

That, right there, is the problem.

More entitlement.

Where I live, you can get a 1-bedroom apartment for around $500 a month. Tight, but doable on even a minimum wage job. Especially if you eat cheap, forgo cable and Internet, and have no car payment. We have a decent public transit system. No, you won’t drive anything fancy – or even nice – and you won’t eat steak or go out much to party, but it can be done.

Back in the day, many young adults would – gasp – get a bit nicer place and a roommate. You can cut down that $500 a month rent to oh, $350 if you lease a 2-bedroom and have someone sharing expenses.

No excuses, you whining freeloaders – grow up, move out, give your parents some peace and quiet.


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