Adventures in SP #8 Publicity

First, let me apologize for the lack of a post yesterday – I was exhausted after getting up before 4:00 a.m. and never quite recovered until this morning. Threw off my whole day!

On to publicity:

Yes, I shamelessly started the ball rolling by asking if anyone would like to interview me. I just posted smack dab on Facebook and it took off from there. Sometimes you have to be direct – it’s like asking for sale, or upsizing an order, or getting volunteers for a project. Ask.

Once someone responds, or offers, be polite and be timely. Consider your answers to the questions and by all means, spell and punctuate correctly! Then, when the interview is posted, post that baby all over the Internet! You’re not only spreading the word about your book, but you’re helping out the one who took time to write up that interview.

With one interview – or sometimes feature, or guest blog postĀ  – comes others. It spreads, it really does, especially if you’re fortunate to have writer friends. Or friends in the press, don’t forget them! Send press releases, invite them to your launch party.

Don’t discount (ha) the idea of giveaways. You can do this on Goodreads, of course, or privately. Send a copy – paperback or Ebook – to reviewers and again, ASK for the review. More reviews = better rankings = better sales. And, too, you want people talking about your book!


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