Interview with Juliet

Hello, Juliet. How are things going these days?

About the same as usual, why? I mean, not a lot happening, really, but I have a feeling it’s going to get busy pretty soon.

Well, I actually meant that as a general question, but as long as we’re talking about what’s going to happen, what exactly do you mean?

I dunno for sure, but Abby seems a little on edge lately and well, it’s been awhile since anyone has bothered us. But we’ve both seen those choppers up north.

I see. So what do you think about living out there in the woods, watching and waiting all the time? Does it bother you at all?

Nope. Been that way for a long time now, let’s see, since I was nine. I mean, it’s just been the three of us since then but Abby and I were out here a long time before that too. With the others. Besides, I like the woods. It’s quiet, it’s peaceful. So far.

You were barely four years old when Abby found you; you’d just lost your parents. How long were you alone before she brought you back to the camp?

Couple days, I guess. I don’t remember much of that, and I’d rather not talk about it, if you don’t mind. A lot has happened since then and I guess I’ve had to grow up pretty quickly. Far as I’m concerned, my life started when Abby showed up; but she thinks I need to remember my mom and dad too, so I do try to remember before…you know, before VADER.

Tell me about life in the camp, when everyone was there.

Well, you know, we did a lot of stuff. Abby went off on scouting trips a lot so I stayed with Emmy then…well, at least after Grammy…you know. And everyone helped teach me, like my schooling and all. Pops was so great at math, he really had patience with me. And I learned to shoot, and to hide in the woods. And tracking. That part was fun, really! And Ted was a great cook – I’m learning more about that now, but I’d rather be out in the woods somewhere. Abby says I have to learn everything, just in case she…just in case.

And then later? What’s it been like these last few years?

More of the same, really. We check out the perimeter pretty regularly, and watch the skies a lot. We keep things simple, and try to stay under the radar. And EJ keeps us pretty busy, what with all her questions. Wow, never knew someone could talk so much! But she’s learning stuff, too – she’s a lot better than I am at starting a fire, but not so good at hitting the target when we practice. She’s still pretty little though. And I help with her school lessons too, she’s really smart, even at math!


Um, yeah, guess I’m not really supposed to talk about her. Abby’d have a fit, probably. But after you’ve read the book, you’ll know about her.

Well, since I WROTE the book….

Oh, right. Well, you know what I mean! Geez, Abby’s always after me to be more specific, say what I mean, blah, blah, blah. I meant your readers, duh! So, yeah, after they finish the book, they’ll know about EJ. Better?

Yes, thanks. And Abby’s right, you know.

Oh sure, take her side! Wait a minute…yeah, I know what you’re gonna say. Never mind.

You’re probably right, Juliet. So, can we talk more after REUSED comes out in December?

Yeah, sure. Okay. I can probably do that. Not like my schedule’s all booked up or anything. Well, probably. Guess you’d know that better than I….



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