Dystopian Friendships

Ever look at the relationships in dystopian fiction? Often there is a group of people, loosely organized, and two, perhaps three, on whom the story focuses. They may have known each other, or known of each other, for a period of time prior to their present difficulties, but generally they’re simply thrown together and have to make the best of it.

Now take a look at REDUCED.

A dozen people who actually planned to be together when the coming crisis materialized. Of course, there were a few others, named but really unknown to the reader, who didn’t make it; there were others who were named and present but, again, the reader is never properly introduced to them. Quite a large cast, as one reviewer stated, but yet the story does only focus on just a few. And, of course, fewer as the novel progresses.

Is a long-term friendship possible? What about several, or more? Many readers will relate to this, especially with the advent of social media in the last decade. Haven’t you reconnected with people from way back in the day? Are there any with whom you could strike up a conversation immediately, or to whom you would step in and help out with almost anything, at a moment’s notice? Aren’t there those who would do the same for you?

In my world, as in that of REDUCED, it’s not so far-fetched. Sometimes things happen, or times and places have such a great impact on one, that a bond is forged for many, many years. Intervening circumstances or events have little effect. Of course, people change, and not everyone involved in even the same places, times, or events react the same way.

REDUCED is a lot more involved than simple dystopian fiction. Or at least, I like to think so. I hope you all do too.


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