Thought I’d grab your attention with that!

This has been a busy week – new websites, new Twitter accounts, new Facebook pages (see Weds. post!) AND two interviews:

M3 – Momma’s Money Matters

The Writers’ Lens

Oh yeah, the “free” part?

REDUCED is FREE on Kindle, today through Sunday! Woot!


5 comments on “FREE!

  1. Androgoth says:

    I really enjoyed your interview at Red’s M3 Space
    and I wish you lots of success with your book my friend…



  2. Androgoth says:

    Thank you for requesting to view my Space and I have opened the gates, of course I usually write horror on my Space but recently I have been offering a few different themes so hopefully you will find something to your liking. In my side bar you will see the top fifteen posts so it is best to check the titles if you are not a horror fan 🙂

    Thank you again for your interest and you are welcome to add comments to anything that you wish, my Space is a friendly one and I think that you will know quite a few from my blogroll…

    Enjoy your evening my friend 🙂



  3. Red says:

    I was very glad to host you. I see you have a visitor from my house. Andro’s space is a great deal of eclectic fun. Do mind the Zombies. 😉


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