Rocking Horse Publishing

I think I need my head examined. Wait – don’t answer that! I KNOW I do!

Once upon a time, we started a business called The Rocking Horse, Ltd. We were in Colorado, and we called ourselves an entrepreneurial conglomerate: we did a little of everything. When we moved to Texas, and decided to start a cleaning business a year or so later, we used the same name. Ditto for the old-time photo business a few years after that.

We moved that business to Missouri (are you seeing a pattern?), but then closed it down a few years ago when Dennis went back to retail. THEN we opened the bookstore.

And I published a book.

So, I got bored. Then I got to thinking. Hmmm.

Now, we’re also a publishing company. Seems like thinking is dangerous around here.

Shortly, we’ll be open to submissions. We plan to publish six or so books the first year, starting in January. We’re a small press, NOT a vanity publisher – we’ll be picky! And we won’t charge our writers a dime.

So now you know as much as I do, at this stage of the game….


2 comments on “Rocking Horse Publishing

  1. Sherrill Lewis says:

    In what genre do you specialize, please? Will you be attending OWFI in about 2 weeks?


    • At this time, I can’t really say that we have a specialty; most of the books slated for publication this year are science fiction, but we’ve also done romance and children’s. We don’t generally accept non-fiction, such as memoirs, but you can reach me via the RHP website if you have any additional questions or would like to submit a manuscript. And no, sorry, I won’t be at OWFI but I will be attending the Missouri Writers Guild Conference in St. Louis next weekend.


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