Publishing Info

Rocking Horse Publishing is now accepting submissions!

There are NO FEES to authors – very important. We are not a vanity press, when we say “we don’t accept every manuscript,” we mean it! Our turnaround time is approximately two months. We handle editing, proofing, formatting, cover design, marketing, ISBN, and copyright (which the author holds), and publish both paperback and E-format. There are no advances, but we do offer a very decent royalty rate.

You can see more details at our website.


8 comments on “Publishing Info

  1. I am so excited for you!! Suppose I best get on with finishing writing…


  2. This is wonderful, Robin! Congratulations!


  3. Chris Simpkin says:

    Good going, Robin. We wish you all the best…and we’ll keep visiting the bookstore. Keep up all your good work.

    Chris and Hal


  4. Sharon says:

    Way to go! Congratulations!


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