Thought I’d post a few exerpts from REUSED, due out in December – that’s next month, folks!

“At ease, Major Blake.” The older man lowered himself carefully into a chair and turned to study the younger officer. As Colonel Barton’s recent replacement in St. Louis, he was familiarizing himself with the new command and had requested Major Blake, specifically, for this detail. He busied himself for a few moments with a stack of papers on his desk, while covertly watching the newer recruit for any signs of recognition or remembrance.”

And so it begins….

“She awoke with a start. Damn. Strange dream. She shook it off, realizing the car had stopped. The young corporal opened the door and she scrambled out and took her bag from him. She strode purposefully towards the waiting chopper; it wouldn’t do to show any kind of weakness even though her legs were trembling a bit. Taking a deep breath, Alison climbed into the seat and strapped herself in, willing the dream to disappear as she focused on what lay ahead.”

And continues….

“Out of habit, she clicked off the flashlight and crouched behind a display, gun at the ready. The sound became louder. After a few minutes, Abby let her breath out in a rush. The sound faded as they circled and flew away. Taking a moment to relax her clenched muscles and steady her breathing, Abby realized the damn things had been hovering directly over Barnhart. She wondered if they’d seen her truck, if they’d noticed. Surely they’d picked up her presence, through infrared if nothing else. Then she remembered: that didn’t work, for whatever reason, on VADER survivors.”


3 comments on “REUSED

  1. Linda says:

    I’m so excited for this book. I can hardly wait.


  2. chillstep says:

    Excellent info and well written. Keep up the wonderful stuff!


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