It’s Done! (I think.)

Oh. It’s Thursday. And I told myself that I’d cut back my blogging to just twice a week – Tuesday and Thursday. And, fortunately, I didn’t make a big announcement or anything. But hey, it’s not yet midnight, so this still counts, right?

I’ve been a little busy, lately, but it’s nothing to write home about; or blog about. I mean, Christmas is coming, we’re having the kids in, I have about half the shopping done and none of the cookies baked. And no tree, yet. And the decorations are still in their boxes.

We’re having multiple events at the bookstore every Saturday, and a few other days, and I owe at least one author a contract. I’m sure there are a million more things I’m forgetting, but I do have ONE thing accomplished:

REUSED is all set to go live! And by that, I mean it’s ALL over but the shouting. And, well, I’m too tired to shout. Much. And it’s officially happy hour.

But anyway, back to REUSED, and I’m going to brag a little because, if *I* don’t like it, who will?

It’s pretty freakin’ awesome. Much like REDUCED, some of your favorite people are living in a dark, miserable world. Well, it’s not ALWAYS miserable, of course! We have some new peeps, too – you’re gonna love them. And some of them, well, you might actively dislike. Or even hate. But that’s okay, they probably get shot, or blown up. Or something. Guess you’ll have to read it to find out!

Naturally, they’re at camp. And a few other places, including the city of St. Louis. And then….

So, yeah. Buy it. Read it. And I hope you love it!

7 comments on “It’s Done! (I think.)

  1. Congratulations, Robin!


  2. rmactsc says:

    Nice to see another post apocalyptic fiction writer; I was beginning to think I was the only one. Kindle is a fantastic opportunity to publish and I have several books over there as well. Good luck with yours. I will be checking it out.


  3. I’m so excited and cannot wait to read it! Now…on to that 3rd sequel 😉 LOL


  4. pizdy filmy says:

    pizdy filmy…

    It’s Done! (I think.) « Robin Writes…


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