Read this if you asked me to review your book!

Michelle Proulx - Author

What up, fellow bloggers. This post is for housekeeping purposes, so bear with me.

I’ve amassed a large selection of self-published books I’m supposed to read and review, and I’m getting a bit confused. Therefore, here is a list of all the ebooks that I currently plan to read/review. They aren’t in order or anything, just me scrolling through my tablet and typing them as they appear.

If you asked me to read/review your book, and it’s not on here, TELL ME!!!

  • The Altar of Deimos — Antoinette M
  • Can’t Live Without — Joanne Phillips
  • The Crimson League — Victoria Grefer
  • Entanglement — Maya Panika
  • L’Aria Onyx — Sahm Attaine King
  • Trapper & Emmeline — L. Flinch Bedder
  • Poor Percival Stories — Matthew Milson
  • Remember — Cristian Mihai
  • Water — Terra Harmony
  • Why Aren’t You Sweet Like Me — Carrie Nyman
  • Shadeland — DL Miles
  • Jazz – Cristian Mihai
  • Once…

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