From the author of Catskinner’s book, Misha Burnett.


I have noticed recently an unintended side effect from my commitment to write every day.  It’s a little tough to explain, but I guess I could say that the boring stuff that I don’t want to write is turning out to not be so boring after all.

Allow me to elucidate.  Right now in Cannibal Hearts our hero, James, is starting a project to renovate a riverboat casino.  A lot–well, actually, most–of the characters in this project are non-human in some way or another.  James’ maintenance staff is composed of Necroidim, a form of undead based loosely on the Cenobites of Clive Barker’s Hellraiser series.

Today I was in the middle of Chapter Ten, in which James and Exquisite, his Necroid foreman, are looking over the riverboat and assessing the damage.  It’s the logical thing to happen next in the story, but not exactly edge of your seat exciting, you…

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