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After Bill and I had our first date over the Memorial Day weekend, he sent flowers to me at work.  The card said he was looking forward to seeing me again soon.  I was floored.  I had never dated a guy who sent flowers without a mandatory holiday requirement.

A month after our first date, a single rose in a vase with greens and baby’s breath arrived at my office.  The note said “Happy 1 Month Anniversary!”  How sweet, I thought.

Single Red Rose The next month, I received two roses in the same fashion.  And the next month, three roses.  And so it continued month after month.

As we neared the 12-month mark, I received an engagement ring.

Then the roses started arriving again each month…one for each month we were engaged.

During the 11th month, we were married.  (I used to tease Bill that it took three years before I…

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  1. So sweet, Robin. Touches my widow’s heart.


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