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Flu germs have invaded the Howard household. It started with my husband, then quickly fell to me and the kids. I feel like I should be painting a red cross on the door and warning all who enter. Despite the lingering illness though, I still managed an interview with our local paper, The Western Gazette. I have a couple more interviews lined up over the coming weeks, but thankfully they’re all via the Internet, so no voice required!

I also made a start on the promised sequel to SEVEN DIRTY WORDS. “Four Letter Words” follows on from where we left Paige, TDS, and Matt. A few twists and turns are expected, but it is more of a romance (with lots of sex, obviously!) than the first novel.

So that’s it for now! Once I’m feeling more human, I may even give you a snippet of what’s to come…

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  1. Sorry you are sick, Robin. Hope it goes away soon. I’m still planning to come down on the 15th – if you are still sick, I’ll pass. Rest, rest, rest…


  2. DUH – I thought YOU had the flu. Didn’t realize it was Charlotte. I’m tired. Can you tell?


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